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Professionalism is shown in the work, great education is given with the system. We had created a beautiful farm together, they always visit us and share their research data and finding to improve our farm cultivation. They are most helpful and reliable team. Highly recommended.

-- Vinod Seta

They did an ornamental live aquarium setup for us, and I cannot explain that in words. It is awesome , magical and gorgeous.

--- Ashna Belim

A beautiful concept which fuse the technology and farming.

--- Geetesh Shakyawar

First of all the Technology is commendable and the way Vatodar Green Waterfarms execute the project is recommendable.

Keep up the good work.

-- Rahul Naruka

Due to budget constraints we were hesitating to make the garden farm, so Vatodar Green Waterfarms suggested us to go with recycled materials. Magnificent work is done by them, that to under budget. Keep up the goodness.

-- Pradeep Nair

Well you don't require to ask them for anything, everything is handled or in their consideration. They care for budget as it is their own project.

--- Atin Singh

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