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Train my Soilless cultivation

Learn about plants and their behavior in soil-less culture, how it is implemented and how it can be more sustainable

Learn Hydroponics

At our Urban Farm you can learn about soil-less farming, it is an Indoor Vertical Farm. With our program you get practical knowledge about

  • Germination

  • Transplanting

  • Nutrient Management

  • Plant Management

  • Hydroponics System Management

  • Harvesting

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Learn Aquaponics

Post-pandemic we advanced our hydroponics system to use aquaculture system in bio-symbiotic way to use waste water from Aquarium or pond or aquaculture as nutrients to our plants. In this program you get to experience

  • small aquarium with filter system

  • conversion of waste to useful nutrients

  • how to keep fishes happy and healthy

  • types of fishes you can opt to cultivate

  • different plants you can grow

  • Climate Control Environment System

Support Services

After Training Sessions you can work at the farm to learn process involved in management of the system and maintenance. While you can also avail Grow light type and usage support for indoor vertical farms as per the crops.

Training Combos for Onsite

₹ 3000

Plants Life Cycle and Nutrient + Hydroponics System


Plants Life Cycle and Nutrient + Aquaponics System (Aquaculture and Hydroponics)

Integrated Pest Management.

Using Indoor LED Growlight

Indoor Environment Climate Control

₹ Free

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