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Methods to implement soil-less farming

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Under soilless farming we do farming using water under a recirculating system which enables one to reduce wastage of water by more than 80% compared to traditional methods of farming in India. The methods are known as Hydroponics, Aeroponics and Aquaponics.


In Hydroponics, distilled water is mixed with nutrient salt and it is continuously aerated and fed to roots of the plant.


In Aeroponics this nutrient rich water is fed to plants via mist which increases more crop per drop of water. To be in precautionary the water mix is kept checked and changed regularly to be ascertained with optimum nutrient supply to plants.


In Aquaponics, instead of nutrient mix being added in Hydroponics, we introduce fish as our nutrient source, here we feed fish and it produces waste which is then converted into plant based nutrients. As this water reaches plants it cleans up the water by absorbing nutrients and fresh water is fed to the aquatic system, it helps to save more water being used in the system without changing it.

And with Vatodar Green Waterfarms you can arrange an annual maintenance plan to help you keep check on your soilless system and learn how easily we can use a sustainable system.

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