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Educational Training
Our educational module helps you to understand the technology and how easy it is grow vegetables and other crops in hydroponics, with learning and onsite practical know how, one can build their own soilless system. Grow local and eat local will give you trust on food which is residue free and pesticide free. It will comprise about Hydroponics, Aquaponics, Grow Environment and Grow Lights.
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Want to know more about training on Soilless farming

  • What Plants are, what all they need for growth  - We provide a bit of Botany to give general information about plants and their nutrient requirements, while also learning about environment and climate to grow crops.

  • Plant Growth and Deficiency - With multiple types of nutrient, during growth each one can get in overdose or under dose. Plant's leaf changes color throughout its body to show symptoms  with  each symptoms having its different action to be taken ( it is learnt by continuous learning ), to recognizing deficiency in plant we provide color chart to identify by you.  As per sowing information we provide for the local climate you can participate in growing localized food which is residue free and pesticide free (growing crops seasonally).

  • Nutrient training - for Hydroponics we provide per-mix nutrients for your soil-less system. And for Aquaponics we provide fish, fish food and feeding rate and related care required.

  • Operation and maintenance - as the soil-less system works on recirculating the water, we need to check for clogging in the system caused by algae, dead plants and roots. With timely maintenance and cleaning reduces pest infestation and reduces usage of pesticides.

  • Integrated pest management - this is management practice which helps to keep pest at bay and promotes usage of organic pesticides.

Soil-less System Annual Maintenance

A service provided to keep your system running efficiently and effectively an  additional care of the soilless system at your place is needed periodically. We help you to identify plant nutritional deficiencies and practice to clean the system of clogging and algae while also keeping plant pests and insects at bay. Few points to mention about what to do

  • Change Out The Water

  • Clean The Filter

  • pH and EC Checks

  • Equipment

  • Fish Health

  • Water Flow Clogging

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Commercial Farm Business Planning
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When you opt farming as a Commercial activity, you can select from list of crops which has commercial value and other expects such as grow media, climate, crop cycle. Either you build Urban farms to grow from multi vegetable crops or choose to build soil-less farms for single crop, we provide support from selecting crops to identifying market, design systems to upkeep the operations for continoue grow cycle as long as possible. Select file below to get more information.

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