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About us

Who We Are?

You don’t need soil to grow your favourite vegetables on your terrace or in the corner of your balcony or backyard kitchen garden.  Vatodar Green Waterfarms is right here to help you do that.  We use the system of Soilless Farming also known as hydroponics or aquaponics, a combination of aquaculture and hydroponics, to grow vegetables. What it means is that Nutrient-rich water is used for growing plants without soil, and getting vegetables, fruits and herbs in return. The result – you can grow more than three dozen organic vegetables in less than two square feet of space in your own urban farm using soilless farming technique.

In the fast-shrinking city spaces, an urban farm helps reduce farm-to-fork distance and wastage of food while saving up to 80% water and

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pesticide usage, harvesting safe and fresh vegetables for your home and the neighbourhood.  At  Vatodar Green Waterfarms’s indoor urban farms, you can discover how your food is grown with water, our range from leafy vegetables, salad greens, and kitchen herbs. 

What’s more, we also provide consultancy to build home setups, large commercial farms and community-oriented farms for commercial use. Our mission is to nurture nature and bring the best, healthier food to your plate.

How you will benefit ?

With soil-less technology you would be able to save 80% of water compared to traditional farming and also saves time required for soil preparation. Inside urban farms there would be less requirement of man-hours as efforts for weeding and pest infestation is reduced, this gives you clean and trustworthy food from your kitchen garden, as well as you can learn how to grow own food and build soil-less systems.

In commercial farms due to proximity of urban areas, farm-to-fork distances are reduced, curbing carbon footprint caused as well as optimize logistics with fresh agriculture harvest to cities with farm visit facilities for consumers. Controlled greenhouse environment  allows one to produce year-round growth cycle for continuous growth cycle and non-native plants can be grown with optimized nutrient levels.

With Knowledge of Soilless system you can choose different kinds of plants to be grown for purpose other than food such as animal fodder, Cash Crops, Medicinal Plants. Additionally Attaching Aquaculture system with Hydroponics will allow one to cultivate fisheries commercially.

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